Failure Is Not Fatal


One of my most favorite new sayings, “Failure Is Not Fatal.” You learn so much when you fail even more so than when you succeed. It’s what you do, how you react, and the process you take to move forward when you do fail to realize it is not fatal. It’s just life!

I haven’t wrote in a while for the simple fact that my entire life has changed. It’s been nothing short of a whirlwind, but the one thing I have been able to grasp is I am still standing on my own 2 feet.

I talk about failure, because it’s not something I am comfortable acknowledging, but the truth of the matter I have experienced the toughest failure to date: My Marriage has failed! We tried really hard to make things work including enduring two separations. We had a lot of great qualities as a couple, and some…

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Day One – My New Life


Today is Friday. Friday the 24th of April, 2015.

The day during which I begin my new life.

Firstly, I’m going to put my old life in a nutshell. This time back in 2010, I was playing cricket, competing at national events for athletics, playing rugby, and most importantly, I was thin, I was fit, and I was healthy. Fast forward a couple of years and you’ll see me working at McDonald’s. Playing no sport. Jumping over no hurdles. Doing no real physical activity. In fact, I wasn’t doing much, besides gaining weight, and smoking. I even had a double chin.. Yuck!

Earlier this year, I decided, for the sake of it, to apply for a decent job, here in Auckland, New Zealand. I was in Wellington at the time. Long story short, I got the job, and had sixteen days to move my life 800 kilometres up the road…

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2 Weeks Down

A Mad Housewife Life

ace venturaYep, I picked the Jim Carey dancing fool…..

Stats:  Released 6 lbs (almost 7) and 17.5 Inches!

It’s been 2 weeks since I began Isagenix.  I am still trying to figure out the kinks – that is, figure out how many calories I should be consuming per day for continued success.  I belong to a couple of Isagenix Facebook groups with a combined total of over 230,000 members.  There are so many stories, it’s hard to get through them each day, but they are my inspiration.  I see some who have plateaued and gotten past that; some who have gained some of what they lost and become discouraged; and some who have lost extraordinary amounts of weight and inches that it doesn’t seem real.  All in all, story after story, one thing remains quite clear: the support for all is incredible.  I cannot believe in a world so full…

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Scale vs. Tape Measure

A Mad Housewife Life


So when I started this journey I was completely clueless to the weight-loss game.  I have put my scale on acampe10 pedestal and jumped on it every morning for years.  Never did I pick up a tape measure on a regular basis while dieting (except when I was working with a personal trainer).  I believed that my scale was God.  I will call her Scalecampe.  A mix of sorts.  Campe is a female dragon in Greek mythology that guarded Cronus’s prison (Click here to read about Campe) I think it’s a rather fitting name – the scale has been my prison almost my entire life.

I have read so many testimonials from those who have lost so many inches, but the scale really doesn’t budge much.  I have heard people get discouraged and feel like they are failing, yet I have read the responses of so many talk…

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Out of one 30 day and into another

Rayns Falling Creations

So after all of my exercise (4 days a week….;)), using Isagenix and maintaining my patterns i have managed to lose 14 lbs and 45 inches between my calves (Left and Right), upper knee (Left and Right), upper thigh (Left and Right), buttocks, abs, waist, rib cage, bust, upper arm (Left and Right), and neck.

I have so much energy that my niece and I are played out at the same time now.  I can carry my 35 – 40 lbs bike up the ravine stairs and I can fir into clothes a Size smaller than I was fitting into.  I am loving it!!!!!!!

And I am not stopping there……….

My goal is to get my weight down to 180 lbs ANDMaintain it, as well as to flatted my abs and tighten my muscles.

I am 15 lbs from that goal and about 5 1/2 inches from that on my ABS.  So…

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