Just Do It


“The body achieves what the mind believes.”

Today I started Isagenix, my first nutritional program and with that came the idea to start blogging about my experience with it. One, to hold myself accountable to doing it, and two, if I like it I can use this blog to show people the amazingness of this program. I have no doubt that this is going to be a life changing experience for me, but in the past I have started things with great determination and then days later find something new to focus on. Needless to say I am very nervous about these next 30 days.

I am a college freshman living in a dorm with no kitchen. Just a bed, a desk, a bathroom, and three great and wacky roommates. Before I came to college I struggled with my weight. I was never overweight or even a tiny bit overweight but I struggled…

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Youthful Ageing

Cleanse now for wellness


Now you can get healthy and stay healthy with this Youthful Ageing Pak.

Promote youthful ageing from within with products that help to refresh and energise in a flexible, long-term system. Provide your body with essential nutrients and promote a lean, healthy body while you fight the signs of ageing at a cellular level.

This pak includes:

  • 1 Ionix Supreme
  • 2 Isalean Shakes
  • 1 Essentials for Men or Women
  • 1 Ageless Actives
  • 1 Product B Antioxidants plus Telomere Support
  • 1 Program Guide

Click here to check out the Youthful Ageing Pak GUIDE http://www.karinhagberg.isagenix.com/~/media/system-and-pak/youthful-aging-pak/youthful-aging-pak-guide/anz-en-youthful-aging-guide.pdf

For more information such as cost etc. go to: http://www.karinhagberg.isagenix.com/en-AU/products/categories/systems-and-paks/health-wellness-product

We can help you with any questions, just fill in the contact details and write a message below and we will get in contact with you:

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How to Build a Thriving Business with Isagenix: Honest Review

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If you asked me, I d thing Isagenix has been around for more than 30 years. Well, the just announced $3 Billion in sales in 13 years since they started. That is not bad at all. The founders of Isagenix are Kathy, Jim and Erik Coover. From my stand point, I don t see them slowing down in momentum. That s always a great news for the direct sales and network marketing industry. When folks join a business opportunity deal such as Isagenix, they are called reps, independent business owners (IBO) and array of different titles by different MLM companies. They often join at a start up fee less than $5,000. As much as this is a positive, it can also pose to be the difference between a serious entrepreneur or not. Think about it. There is something different with the mindset of a person who invested $1,000,000 (million) in…

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Becoming an Isagenix Distributor


Isagenix Distributor

Being an Isagenix Distributor allows opportunity for substantial compensation in the home-based industry. Contact Juli Anna California at 954-608-9923.

Information for General Purposes Only – Information provided on this Web site and on all publications, packaging, and labels is for general purposes only and designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended to substitute advice from your physician or health-care professional.

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Shake Days build up to the Cleanse Day

Rayns Falling Creations

Well  I have done it!!!!!!

I have gotten thru the last cleanse day.  Thankfully I have plenty to do today to keep my mind from wandering and was able to maintain my water intake and cleanse schedule.

The day 4 cleanse of the 30 day was really easy to psych myself up to it too.  I have gotten thru the three previous and am really wanting to make this work, so the last one should be a breeze right.


The goal is to keep busy, but not to be so busy that your insides are working too hard.  If they do you need to feed them then.

I was with friends and associates today from 7 am until 3pm and they had breakfast and lunch with me and I wasn’t hungry at all!!!! Just had my “CLEANSE FOR LIFE” and my ISA SNACKS, and I was good.  Except I…

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Failure Is Not Fatal


One of my most favorite new sayings, “Failure Is Not Fatal.” You learn so much when you fail even more so than when you succeed. It’s what you do, how you react, and the process you take to move forward when you do fail to realize it is not fatal. It’s just life!

I haven’t wrote in a while for the simple fact that my entire life has changed. It’s been nothing short of a whirlwind, but the one thing I have been able to grasp is I am still standing on my own 2 feet.

I talk about failure, because it’s not something I am comfortable acknowledging, but the truth of the matter I have experienced the toughest failure to date: My Marriage has failed! We tried really hard to make things work including enduring two separations. We had a lot of great qualities as a couple, and some…

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